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"I absolutely love this (ministry)!  Thank you so much for this opportunity !(to read God's word).
It means so much to me"
....Linda Lough, USA.
Dear friend,
Welcome to this site- *Eternal SIGN*.
    This is a site where in you get various
opportunities  to  know  how God deals with
mankind  and how  every such dealing of God with  mankind forms to be a "sign" by itself.
  Among all the signs God sent to the world
the sign  that  remains  eternal is  called
*Eternal Sign* because it is going to be so
LORD JESUSCHRIST 2000 years ago.
   This is the sign that has divided the times,transformed  the  lives  of  men  and  above all opened the gates of Heaven.
You are welcome to have fellowship here and get blessed.
   You will soon realize that *Eternal SIGN* 
   is really a sign God sent in your life.
                     *God bless*! 
I'm a pastor and think this sounds just great...
Pastor.Peder Kjell from SWEDEN.


 Read the *Word* in 365days!

As One of the primary activity, "Eternal SIGN" offers to email you the Bible Portions daily. Thus you find a  valuable opportunity to read Bible in 365 days.

This is just the beginning!

More activities are to follow (God willing!) 

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"I would like to learn the  word of  God in 365 days." Vishista, INDIA.
"I prefer reading bible daily." Gerald mganwa, TANZANIA.

 Ezine *Eternal SIGN* 

   Please fill out the form  by clicking the link "Subscribe Now" in the top left to subscribe to EZINE (eMagazine) *Eternal SIGN*. In addition to getting email portions from Bible, you will receive periodically heart moving testimonies, the Meditations, Bible study, prayer requests and more through this Ezine. We pray that all these activities may help you to grow in the love of God and prepare you for Eternal life.  

  Well if you are inspired to share your testimony/meditation/articles in Ezine *Eternal SIGN* you are welcome to do so. They will be published if they pass the Moderation.

When you write some thing, please do so to edify, strengthen the fellow believers here. Our God is not a God of confusion, but of peace, love, joy and clarity.

Let your works be aimed at glorifying the Lord Almighty.

God bless you!



"....Your ministry, I feel, is truly from God.....
...I am praying for your ministry, for its success, and also for wisdom and perserverance for yourself.  Keep going bro!  and don't be put off by the inevitable difficulties...
Mark of Faith, United Kingdom.

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"I really liked what I have read here.
I pray that this site is used to bless others,
and that the fruit from this site brings the
saved closer, and brings the unsaved into the kingdom."
-Mrs. Johnie Johnson

The Judy couple
We give out candy for Jesus!
Dear Joshua,
....we never know where or when God will use us, we just have to be ready at all times. We will be rejected at time so we must PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD and be prepared! I appreciate hearing from you..
Judy, USA.

Sponsor a Page !

Eternalsign gifts you an opportunity to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through our sites!  In other words, You can sponsor a page and details of  "how to sponsor" are furnished in all (365 days) the pages carrying the word of God. As a token of appreciation *Eternalsign* lets each page to carry the picture of the respective sponsor, their links, their email, their testimonies and their prayer requests.

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This is something that has caught my attention.
I pray that God bless this ministry...Dr.Magdi, Egypt
"Nice opportunity.." says "Patricia Lemos" from BRAZIL
First of all, please let me express my deep appreciation for your beliefs
and traditions. Really,your webpage is a nice opportunity for people to see what's the new mission of the christians today; even in a changing world........!

And "Perla G. Flores" from USA promises.....!
Yes! you got a great idea. Reading the bible through Email is
exciting. I can also share it to other people and help spread the gospel
around the world. Thank you so much! Perla.


 "I will go for it!"    Proclaims Bro. Kirk Leddon, USA!

 "I was really surpised to find this site on a link in an advertising e-mail. You know I am always expecting somebody to try and sell me something. I liked what I have read at this site so far so Heck I will go for it. In His Love May He bless you abundantly".

Anne Martin, Canada.

"I need direction from God!   I want to be able to hear what HE wants.  I also have been ill.  I will write a testimony at a later date.  God bless"


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